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 The initial spark of “Summer Time” came to Tim as he and the girls were riding bikes on a warm day in Rosemary Beach in Florida’s panhandle. Grace (lead vocals, bass, keys), Gabriella (guitars, vocals) and Scarlett (guitar vocals), worked with him on developing the song, with Britton providing the finishing touches. “It’s a joyful part of the year we all love,” says Scarlett. “We’re all excited about the song because it’s happy, outgoing and upbeat and we know every kid our age and older and younger can relate to how it feels when summer begins.” Grace adds, “We’ve been singing and performing as Hello Sister for three years, and ‘Summer Time’ fully reflects our current pop/rock sound. It’s like the ultimate theme song for the season.” 

“Summer Time” is the first of a batch of fresh new singles Hello Sister will be releasing over the coming months as they build buzz and anticipation for the drop of their upcoming seven song debut album. The first of those will be “Freakin’ Out Like A Middle Schooler,” a freewheeling pop/rock tune everyone their age can relate to. It reflects the Masons’ unique reality that this fall, all three will be in middle school at the same time. 

Hello Sister is an authentic rock and roll band driven by the siblings’ spirited chemistry and dynamic homegrown musicianship, with Grace playing keyboards and bass, Gabriella the guitar and Scarlett keeping the groove thriving on drums. Growing up just north of Orlando, the girls’ individual and collective love of music was inspired and encouraged by their dad Tim, a former songwriter and artist who played pop/R&B and charted songs on Billboard in the 90’s in Canada and Europe. Their influences include everything from Radio Disney, SiriusXM’s country station The Highway, the jazz stations Tim would play and Johnny Cash to Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Avril Lavigne, Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth and Kelsea Ballerini. 

Their journey has taken them from honing their chops as young girls playing in their living room with Tim to broadening their skills with individual lessons at the renowned school The Music Box in Winter Springs and beyond. The three realized that they created a unique vibe together when their former kindergarten teacher asked Grace to sing Matt Redman’s “10,000 Reasons” for her retirement party – and Gabriella and Scarlett joined in as a surprise. The fun they had and the overwhelming response they received inspired them to pool their talents to form Hello Sister. Since then, the trio has performed their original material at small venues and festivals throughout Central Florida, including Florida Music Festival in Orlando, Daytona’s Main Street Live and DeLandAapalooZa (in Deland). Hello Sister has also performed at various malls in Nashville and Just Love Coffee café on Music Row. 

In the summer of 2018, Nashville based, PCG Universal, one of the world’s foremost artist development companies, discovered Hello Sister’s music on ReverbNation and Instagram and invited them to enroll in their program. Grace, Gabriella and Scarlett’s development is being spearheaded by PCG CEO Bernard Porter with his elevated team of top shelf music industry instructors, with the goal of taking them to the worldwide stage. 

The Mason sisters are super excited and optimistic about “Summer Time,” their next batch of singles, their upcoming album, and especially the opportunity to perform more for audiences everywhere. “We can’t wait to show people what we’ve been working on for the last year,” Grace says. “It would be awesome to have a #1 hit that everyone can sing along to.” Gabriella continues, “I love playing music with my sisters, and we’re all so supportive of each other. If we could, we would do it forever.” 

Scarlett adds, “I would be happy to make music with a band or playing by myself in my room, but there’s nothing greater than playing with sisters who love you. Music is the most fun thing in our lives, and there’s nothing more fulfilling for us than doing live performances, looking out from the stage as our fans sing and dance along. Life doesn’t get any more awesome than that.”